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Jun. 9, 2018

Can you have too much of a good thing? That's pretty much what we expect every Friday, right? It's the conundrum we're faced with. Let's see just how this good thing came together!
Juliet P.

First take an experienced German musician, songwriter, and producer who writes an unabashedly American Country style song. Living with him, in a small village, are his two talented daughters who are always willing to help out. One of them is well-known to us as a drummer and the younger one pops up every now and again with some surprising new talent of her own!

Conveniently, across the English Channel, is a willing keyboard player, and a long, long stroll across Europe is a young Romanian guitarist. They still need an authentic Country voice though. Enter an Irish manager of an internet radio station and its Florida based New Artist Show Producer who both recommend a young American brother and sister for the gig. Send them all off to do their best and this is what happens...

THE SONG - "Too Much Of A Good Thing" was written by Mike Wilbury earlier this year. It's one of many originals that he's written during his illustrious career and a number of them have been featured on this channel. This one is special because it's the 8th original for Chi Might II.

THE COLLABORATION - The usual gang is at work here. Mike (acoustic guitar, bass, and ukulele), Rick (Piano, Hammond Organ and Strings Arrangement - a real Hammond, Rick? - great sound though!), Andrei (electric guitar and some uncredited backing vocals!), and our constant drummer Sina (who also contributes some backing vocals). Joining them to surprise us is Milena. We've heard her sing, drum, and play uke and some strange little instruments. Here she sings backup and shows off her banjo playing skills! Take note that Sina and Milena are properly dressed up for their Country vocal duet!

The featured singers here are a sister and brother duo from West Palm Beach, Florida USA, Juliana "Juna" Defeo and Joey Defeo. Usually billed as Juna & Joey, they began playing together in 2015 when Juna was 11 and Joey 13. They both attend a school of the arts. Juna plays piano and guitar, Joey also plays keyboards and guitar as well as saxophone. They're both vocalists and songwriters. Juna's favorite artists are Maggie Baugh and Adele while Joey was inspired by Brett Younge and Bruno Mars. He also plays acoustic guitar on this collab.

They were suggested by MOB (Masters of Bandwith) internet radio manager Seamus "DJ Shea" Traynor and New Artist Show MOB Radio Producer Al Atkinson. MOB Radio often features Sina, Andrei, and many of their other friends and collaborators. MOB's aim is "to help promote good clean Music and Artists of all types who are into music. Totally Vetted with a 16 hour a Day 7 Day Broadcast." Check them out at

Oct. 1, 2017

Ok first Dam i mean Allie is from cork Ireland i am from Ireland and i nearly missed her then like Bang here comes this Awesome Artist and like i am a fan for life and i mean over night the more i listen to this lady the more i love her have a listen and see for yourself o and Allie has consented to join us so that good news : )

Jul. 4, 2017

I told you when i first brought Jadyn Rylee to your Attention that we had something special here well i was wrong we have someone very Special indeed the Girl next Door proves every one is special and every one has the right to be able to live without been Bullied this is a song that should be listened to shared and a lesson from a little Girl we should all care about each other omg what a Gem what an Artist and how right was i to tell you not to be missed enjoy :)

Jun. 30, 2017

This is now my fav tune and its pretty Amazing Check out Daria Stefan more than a pretty Face more than a pretty voice this girl Rocks o yea : )

May. 7, 2017

Well ahead for Artist of the year 2018 Jadyn Rylee has Conquered our hearts and now the world is falling under her spell Enchanting sometimes in life we get to see special moments this is one of them Presenting Jadyn Rylee at her best with Sina and Co inculding Mike : )