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Jul. 27, 2016

You will find Lauren Brooke on FB You Tube and she has her own site just go to our link page all info there also check out for my Thread there I really Like Lauren so much I asked for Interview and got one so I be doing a show playing Laurens Music very soon I told you I would bring you Artists who are Amazing but not getting the Coverage they Deserve and Lauren is Certainly one of them if you Like Country and Gospel then you will love Lauren Brooke : )

Jul. 23, 2016

Ok this is well just so sweet do i love this hell Yea i do Chemistry here is just perfect wow music song the Sisters everything is just so right here u got to check it out : )

Jul. 10, 2016

What a year Daria with Purple Rain Discovering Motion Device and now Sina with this o yea a Rocking good year so far I just loved this and I know you will to also check out Chi Project with Sina Daria and so much more including Alan Roberts o yea loving 2016
Simply copy and past into url bar to get new CD Chi Project

Jul. 2, 2016

Now you know i love to find really good songs to bring to yea all here on our world tv and ofcourse MOB Radio well i got this shared with me and straight away after listening to it i said they got to hear this yep Lucas Giliberbi hits all the right notes on this song wow think this might get Video of the week to Enjoy guys a Girls Sweet Country the way it should sound : )

Jun. 26, 2016

Just have grown to love these guys so yes i now sharing there new song with you all : )