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Jun. 9, 2018

Daria Stefan Wishes us all a very Happy Christmas and we wish her one too , and indeed there is a Christmas Massage and a Thank You to you all for your Wonderful Support you are amazing people with you positive feed back which encourages Artists to keep following there Dreams , You are the Dream Makers by Subscribing Liking following and your Kind words like wow , Daria has been with me since I began Broadcasting and has a Wonderful soul Thank You Daria for Video and the very best to Daria and you all this Christmas may all your Dreams come True in 2020 Enjoy folks :)

Oct. 1, 2017

Ok first Dam i mean Allie is from cork Ireland i am from Ireland and i nearly missed her then like Bang here comes this Awesome Artist and like i am a fan for life and i mean over night the more i listen to this lady the more i love her have a listen and see for yourself o and Allie has consented to join us so that good news : )

Jul. 4, 2017

I told you when i first brought Jadyn Rylee to your Attention that we had something special here well i was wrong we have someone very Special indeed the Girl next Door proves every one is special and every one has the right to be able to live without been Bullied this is a song that should be listened to shared and a lesson from a little Girl we should all care about each other omg what a Gem what an Artist and how right was i to tell you not to be missed enjoy :)

Jun. 30, 2017

This is now my fav tune and its pretty Amazing Check out Daria Stefan more than a pretty Face more than a pretty voice this girl Rocks o yea : )

May. 7, 2017

Well ahead for Artist of the year 2018 Jadyn Rylee has Conquered our hearts and now the world is falling under her spell Enchanting sometimes in life we get to see special moments this is one of them Presenting Jadyn Rylee at her best with Sina and Co inculding Mike : )