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May. 26, 2017

Ok i am calling all MOB fans Sami Murphy Fans and even MD warriors infact every one on our net work can youplease vote for Sami DJ Shea loves it when we get together and make good things happen and our Sami is good very good indeed thank you all : )

May. 7, 2017

Well ahead for Artist of the year 2018 Jadyn Rylee has Conquered our hearts and now the world is falling under her spell Enchanting sometimes in life we get to see special moments this is one of them Presenting Jadyn Rylee at her best with Sina and Co inculding Mike : )

Jan. 3, 2017

Carly and Martina are our Artists of the Year and Als Performers of the year they are just Amazing people but that is not why thishas got Video of the month for January this is just so Catchy so good and i missed it so i making sure you all do not enjoy all and cangrats to Carly and Martina and thank you for the Music xoxo

Nov. 20, 2016

Already did with this Amazing Cover of Concrete Angle and the Video is so touching yes it was her Birthday so Alyssa decided it was time to try to help and make a Difference you can donate to ChildHelp here is her words
This past summer, I,Alyssa Coon, had an assignment that was due the beginning of 6th Grade.
The assignment was “Do the Write Thing Challenge”. The “Do the Write Thing Challenge” is a nation-wide initiative to challenge middle school students to do their part in ending violence among young people. It gives them the opportunity to break the cycles of violence in their homes, schools and neighborhoods. During the summer, students had to address this challenge through a writing assignment. In doing this assignment, I researched the causes of youth violence.
Her parents had her listen to “Concrete Angel” by Martina McBride. While I didn’t write about child abuse, i became very passionate about Martina McBride's song. Today, November 19th, for my 12th Birthday, I decided I wanted to make a difference and give back to a charity that believes in saving kids lives. I recorded the song and a video cover of the song, uploaded the song to most music outlets for purchase. I placed a banner on her video to allow viewers to make donations directly to Childhelp. Childhelp's goal is to meet the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of abused, neglected and at-risk children. They focus their efforts on prevention, intervention, treatment, and community outreach. Childhelp programs and services help children from any situation and let them experience the life they deserve: one filled with love. The principle theme across all of their programs is to provide children they serve with an environment of compassion and kindness.
I would love for you to help me make a difference by donating money to Childhelp, downloading my song and sharing my video and cause via social media. All of the proceeds from her song download will be donated to ChildHelp.
Thank you! 💗
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Sep. 27, 2016

This has to be my fav Blog of the month as heard on MOB Radio the Amazing EMI Sunshine has me the DJ Shea Hooked and you know what no Surprise not only have they got Amazing Country Music and one of the most exciting singers out there but they lovely people who love to have fun Big hugs to you all well why not give this a listen and see what has me loving Country music EMI Sunshine will be a house hold name world wide O yea i dig this : )